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Linda & Chris

Sometimes having family get into your dating life can be well.... Stressful. But that is not the case for Linda & Chris. While they both had family sign them up for Tinder, little did they know it would lead them to each other and the beginning of their forever. In December of 2015 they started talking and then on January 23rd 2016, they met for their first date at the Firkin. It was a wonderful 1st date, Linda was completely overwhelmed with Chris' charm that it took her 5 months to agree to a 2nd date. Their love story continued on June 2, 2016 while they stuffed their faces with sushi and laughed the night away!

When you ask the Soon to Be Mr & Mrs about their first impressions of each other, the answer is simple. Linda was so happy that Chris was who he said he said he was, since they were only talking through text and an app, she was relieved when he was truly smart, genuine and funny. All 3 characteristics that she LOVES! Also, Linda also says that Chris knows exactly what beer to order that she will actually drink, and that he was impressed she new how to drive a manual car! When we ask Chris is answer was a little similar. He was impressed on her job a Chemist, and her ability to drive a manual transmission also. Chris thought that Linda was shy and quiet. He was told on numerous occasions that she was in fact outgoing that first night. Chris was pleased that her goofy sense of humor made her down to earth.

Knowing they were the one!

For Linda it was during a difficult time for her and her family. Her Grandmother had passed away and Chris was not only by her side, but also her families. She knew then that he was in for the long haul.

Chris says it was not a single moment that he knew, but a gradual thing. He felt it grow over time, and when she contacted him for a second date out of the blue months later, he knew there was a good chance then.

Memories last a lifetime. These 2 have already made some great ones together! One of their favorite memories together is when Linda was traveling for work to Nevada for two weeks. Whens he returned home, of course they wanted to see each other but Linda had to get ready for a flight to Florida for a Bachelorette party! She had 12 hours between her flights, but these love birds made the most of those few hours. They met for dinner and drinks at Bub City in Rosemont. After they finished talking, Linda had only a few hours to go home, pack and catch her next flight. Take notes form these two everyone, a simple quick dinner date will be memories that last forever.

Popping the big question!!!

While vacationing in Puerto Vallarta for Linda's birthday, the two got a deal they couldn't pass up, They spent the day doing a boat tour of the bay that included snorkeling in freezing water, a terrifying underwater rock incident, hundreds of jelly fish, and a drink or two. Upon returning to the resort Chris asked Linda if she wanted her birthday present a day early (as he could not wait any longer). She said yes.... and then said yes!!

Linda and Chris have lots of things they love to do together. But the top 3 things are

1. We like cooking and baking

2. We like to workout

3. We love messing with our dog, Kasey.

They also have a lot they love about each other, but we managed to get the top 3 of those as well.

Chris loves that his fiance is a wizard in the kitchen, pushed him to take care of himself, whether its by eating his veggies of going to the gym, and she loves his jokes, even the really stupid ones!

Linda loves that Chris always knows how to bring a smile to her face even when she is HANGRY! He supports her wanting to work out, whether it bee running marathons or doing cross-fit. Linda loves that her fiance is so handy and smart, he can pretty much fix anything in their home or with the cars.

Traveling is something most people love to do. Chris and Linda have been to many different places together. Some of their favorites include with no surprise Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, Colorado for a wedding, Starved Rock also for a wedding, Brookfield zoo and Michigan to visit Linda's family cottage.

These to love to people watch and can sit at a restaurant and not talk for 15 minutes while they look around and watch whats happening around them. But don't let that fool you, they can talk for hours on end too! Best of both worlds! A typical Friday night for Linda and Chris usually includes going out to dinner with some friends to unwind from the week. If they end up staying home they snuggle up on the couch with Kasey to watch a movie.

Getting to know these two was wonderful, I loved all their answers and there love for one other is beautiful. Music is something everyone can relate to, Linda and Chris picked out a few of their favorite songs to share with me!

1. Yours - Russell Dickerson

2. Tenessee Whiskey - Chris Stapelton

3. Incomplete - Backstreet Boys

4. I Really Like You - Carly Rae Jepsen

5. Castle on the Hill - Ed Sheeran

Thank you Chris and Linda for allowing me to capture these moments in your life. I can't wait until your wedding day!

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