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Jennifer Hyde

Jen's Collections include: 

An Engagement shoot

Wedding Day Coverage by Jennifer Hyde
& 2nd photographer

600+ images to cherish

Online Presentation & Print Release

FlashDrive with your High Resolution Wedding images as well as keepsake items. 

Associate Collections


Completely Customize your 
to include exactly
whats most important to you! 



Jaw Dropping Wedding Dress: $1500+ | Open Bar $5000+

Having no regrets about your wedding portraits: PRICELESS

Associate Collections 

When you choose an associate package, you're hiring one of our associate photographers , whose photography style is similar to Jennifer's, and all of your photo editing and product fulfillment will be through Jen as well.  Both Rebecca & Kristin have worked alongside and been mentored by Jen for years, and specializing in capturing the moments and emotions inherent in a wedding day. 

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Simply put- these are FUN! The hour long session allows us to truly get to know each other & develop a friendship that allows you to feel comfortable, be at ease & just enjoy being in the arms of your love!  These images are full of laughter, silliness, but above all- true moments of happiness & excitement! 



It’s time to release the muse in you, and display your

beauty. Every woman loves to feel beautiful and sexy for her partner & for herself.


A woman’s beauty is unique and should be celebrated. Beautiful photographs can bring out the “model” in you and a Boudoir photography session is dedicated to exposing a woman's true beauty at every age.


No gift is more personal than an intimate photograph.

If you are planning to be married soon, an intimate 

photograph is the perfect engagement or wedding gift for the one you love. We are happy to explain all the options available for your boudoir photography session and how it can be personalized to meet your specific preference.