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Grace & David

"You need to shave." With these four simple words, Grace spoke to David for the first time as a fellow summer camp counselor and left quite an impression. Although Grace says she remembers briefly speaking with David and his sister before this interaction, this was the first time David recalled speaking to Grace, as he was left in a bit of a whirlwind since Grace spoke with such confidence and then walked away with such, as David put it, "grace" (Sorry, I couldn't help myself). Soon after, David and Grace exchanged numbers, and so began the story of their Summer Camp love that has now blossomed into an eternal bond.


Following the beginning of a fun Summer romance, David and Grace had their first date just a few weeks before he was set to go back to college. They then went on multiple dates following the first throughout the two weeks he had left before college life began again. Among their many dates, Grace actually introduced David to her closest lifelong friends and her family! He mentioned this was one of his favorite memories because it showed her confidence in them and their relationship.

And, of course, we can't forget to include their proposal story! David and Grace had been talking about marriage for a while, and even though Grace was expecting for the proposal to happen not too long after their talks, she was still surprised when David proposed on Christmas day! The year before David proposed, Grace had given David "nesting doll" boxes, and each time he would open the next box inside, there would be a photo of them together. Thinking back on the fond memory, David returned the gift, but instead of photos, there was a single slip of paper in each box. All of the slips formed one special sentence - "Will you Marry Me?" with a ring in the final box!

Hearing all about David and Grace's love story warmed my heart, and I genuinely had such a wonderful time working with them! I won't lie; narrowing down the photos I wanted to include in their blog was VERY difficult because they were all so special and captured their personality and love perfectly in every single one! I can't wait to work with them more in the future and am beyond ecstatic to capture such. beautiful love on their special day!


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