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Jessie & Jade

Who would have thought that asking about milk would turn into a love story?! That might not have even been on Jade's mind when he sent that question on Facebook. But I'm sure he was happy he did on Valentines day 2014 when he and Jessie went on their FIRST DATE. Jade's 1st impression of his soon to be wife is "she is tall and quiet", and when you ask Jessie " Jade is good looking and has great taste in music". That sounds like the perfect combination for a long and beautiful life together. Their ability to find humor and positiveness in any situation makes these two unique. In Jessie's words " It may sound mushy and cheesy, but I feel like loyalty is something that is diminishing from our generation and so it's refreshing to see that we can still give ourselves and others hope for something so pure".

There love for each other grew, and while still in high school, Jessie was telling her Mom that she was sleeping over "at a friends house", while really she was spending the night with Jade. Getting to marry your high school sweetheart is something not many people can say they have been able to do, but they knew he would. So after a date night out to a restaurant where they spent their first date, with their apartment decorated with pictures and candles Jade got down on one knee and asked Jessie to spend forever with him and be his wife. Playing on the radio was the song they 1st kissed to.

When you ask these two love birds what they love most about each other the answer is simple and sweet. Jessie says "Jade is funny and can always make me laugh, he is selfless, he always considers how others will feel before himself, and he is supportive in everything I do, especially when i am struggling and need it most"

For Jade his answer is simple, " Her eyes, she is very caring and I love her sense of humor"

In their spare time you can find these two going out to dinner, walking and playing with their dog Titus, and Jessie's favorite CUDDLING. I mean who doesn't love to cuddle?! They love going to concerts and together, traveling and experiencing new things together and making memories to last forever.

Traveling is something that these two love to do. So far they have been to Cancun where they spent Valentine's Day/anniversary, Minnesota where they went to Mall of America and saw a Minnesota Wild game, They have done a lot of traveling to Milwaukee, Madison, and Chicago for concerts/festivals. They also just recently went to Tennessee (where he drove the entire there and back and Jessie slept)but they went to a music festival called Bonnaroo out there! Favorite places would include Twin Lakes where they had their 1st apartment together, and Kenosha where they bought their 1st home.

With the New Year quickly approaching, we are about 9 months away from their big day! I cant wait for the wedding, and with the months coming before, I hope these 2 enjoy more pizza nights together (or wing stop), and that they have a few more date nights at Chili's.


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