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Jenni & Rob

Love stories that begin in the Summer - are some of my favorites. And wouldn't you know it, that's precisely when Jenni and Rob first met! Just a month after Jenni and Rob met, they were going on dates, eating pizza, and laughing like they were teens again. Rob was instantly pulled in by Jenni's beautiful smile, while his kindness and sense of humor pulled her in. I can definitely say that Jenni and Rob's session was light-hearted, fun, and full of smiles, which perfectly reflects who they are as a couple!

Jenni told us that one of her favorite things about Rob is that he's able to make her realize what life and love were supposed to feel like all along. She loves how much of a genuine person he is and how he always makes sure to put family first. Speaking about family, one of Rob's favorite things about Jenni is how she fits in seamlessly with his children! In fact, the moment when he realized she was the one was when he began thinking about introducing her to his children and being ecstatic at just the thought alone!

When we asked about Jenni and Rob's favorite Friday night activity, they mentioned how they love sitting around a bonfire with their friends and adorable Golden Retriever Finn! Whether it's just hanging out and talking or having a grill-out on a Summer evening, these two always have fun when surrounded by their family and friends!


We all have core memories within our relationships that we love to reflect on - and I love asking my couples about theirs! Both Jenni and Rob shared the same favorite memory - a memory that feels like home. Jenni was trying to make her way toward Rob's house, but it was a snowy December evening, and traffic would not let up! After what felt like forever, Jenni finally made it to Rob's house and was greeted at the door with a big hug and a glass of wine - that's when Jenni said she knew she had just walked into her favorite place with her favorite guy. The rest of the night was spent enjoying a bonfire in the backyard and listening to cover songs by a country band while eating some tasty Mexican food!

Of course, we can't hold out on how Rob proposed! One of this couple's favorite pastimes is going for long walks near the lake and admiring how the sun glistens off the beautiful water as it sets. Jenni said they were on one of their usual sunset walks and sat down near the water when it happened! After they sat down, she looked up to take in the rustling leaves of the tree above her since it was a windy day, and when she looked back down, Rob was on one knee! Jenni said she was so surprised and teary-eyed while, of course, saying yes!


I thoroughly enjoyed capturing two people who have found a home within each other. Whether running errands, getting coffee, or roaming around the bookstore, Jenni and Rob always feel like they're home as long as they are by each other's side! Until we meet again next June when we celebrate your summer love that bloomed into a lifetime of happiness!


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