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Emily & Dean | July 17, 2022

From High School Sweethearts to a beautiful, engaged couple, Emily and Dean have shown how much love can grow and evolve as partners grow alongside each other! - and we can't wait to share more about these two lovebirds with you!


So, I'm sure everyone is wondering, "How did Dean propose?" Well, Emily gave us all the details! Dean told Emily they were going on a horseback riding trail on a cold November day. Emily has always loved horses and had ridden them for many years, so she was ecstatic about their outing! But, their date became even more exciting when Dean got down on one knee while waiting to meet their horses and asked Emily to marry him! Of course, Emily said yes, and they then went on their private trail ride around Bunker Hill Regional Park in Andover, Minnesota!


After hearing about Dean's proposal, we also learned that some of Emily and Dean's favorite pastimes were spending their days together going on walks and spending time outdoors during the summer (especially if they get ice cream)! One of their favorite places to go is a lake house that Dean's grandparents own - so it only felt right to capture some photos around the dock area at the lakeside resort that Emily and Dean were staying at!

I was thrilled to get to know this adventurous, outdoor and fun-loving couple, and I can't wait to see them again on their big day next June! Until next time, Emily & Dean!

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