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Anna + Nick | A Spectacular Wedding at Seven Bridges Golf Club | Woodridge, IL

Updated: Aug 16, 2023

Two people with an avid love for cats and caring for others, Anna & Nick found their perfect match when they met back in 2020! Once the restaurants started reopening in September 2020, in search of a sense of normalcy and connection, Anna and Nick took to Hinge to find their soulmate. And luckily, they did just that! The two agreed that the moment they realized they were perfect for each other was after spending time apart. Anna spent her first Thanksgiving away from Nick and found herself missing him dearly, and one day Nick realized instead of spending his time in solitude or with others, he would always find himself yearning to be by Anna's side again. And thus, three years later, these two lovebirds said "I do!" to being Mr. and Mrs. Lotter!



Anna reminisced on their first meeting and how she felt like they were on the same wavelength from the get-go, even sharing the same humor. On the other hand, at first, Nick thought Anna to be a bit strange before realizing that Anna was just a very fluent speaker of Sarcasm and was just being sarcastic all the time. After this realization, the two quickly fell for each other creating countless fond memories from the moment they began dating. In fact, Anna's favorite memory from the beginning of their dating journey was the first time Nick came to her apartment and received a tour of all of her lovely houseplants and her sweet cat, Millie! Nick also mentioned his favorite early memory of Anna trying to pull off a Mission Impossible-level stunt of smuggling some leftover Halloween candy from his parent's house by hiding it under her sweatshirt!

Not only do these two share a great love for their cats, but they also love traveling and spending time in nature, which makes their proposal story that much more special! After visiting San Francisco on a trip to California, the next stop was Yosemite National Park. It was on a Monday morning that Nick and Anna hiked several hours up to the top of a stunning waterfall, where Nick then proposed! However, the proposal didn't go completely to plan. Nick had quickly learned how to say "Will you marry me?" in Polish, but when he tried to say it to Anna, she couldn't understand what he was saying! Turns out that 5 minutes of Google Translate isn't always the best way to learn a foreign phrase. Nonetheless, Anna was more than happy to say Yes, and they were able to celebrate being newly engaged throughout the rest of the vacation!

Unlike the tiny hiccup in their proposal, Anna and Nick's wedding day was nothing short of absolute perfection! (Although we may be a little bit biased). We started out the day with the guys and gals getting some detail shots and pictures of the final touches being put on their breathtaking outfits for the big day, and then it was off to Seven Bridges Golf Club to get some fun portraits of the bride and groom, along with their bridal party and family before the ceremony! And finally, after three long years, it was time for these soulmates to say "I do!"

After some heartfelt moments during the ceremony, the bride and groom had a receiving line to exchange even more loving words with their closest friends and family that showed up in support on their big day! We then headed to some of the most beautiful spots that the Seven Bridges Golf Club grounds had to offer for some portraits of the bride and groom before heading into the reception area for the cake-cutting, dinner, and some teary-eyed speeches. We were beyond blessed with the Sunset that painted the sky behind some more bride and groom portraits that were captured before heading back inside to dance the rest of the night away! To Anna & Nick, I am so honored to have captured such a joyous union and participated in such a fun-filled day from beginning to end! Whether it's cuddling on the couch watching New Girl, or creating fun, elaborate backstories for your cats, the two of you were truly specially made for one another, and I'm so glad you chose our studio to help encapsulate that! We wish you nothing but happiness and a life filled with endless love and laughter - Congratulations again, to Mr. and Mrs. Lotter!



And our eternal thanks to all of the lovely companies and vendors that put their hearts and souls into making such a Spectacular Wedding at Seven Bridges Golf Club come to life!

Ceremony & Reception: Seven Bridges Golf Club

Suits: The Black Tux

Wedding Dress: The Crystal Bride


Florist: Fabbrini's Flowers

Catering: Seven Bridges Golf Club and Montrose Food Mart and Deli

Sweets Table: Sweet Reserve Bakery and Cafe

Hair & MUA: Makeup By Jaycie

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