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Brianna & Alec | An Amorous Engagement at The Armour House | Lake Forest, IL

It was love at first laugh for Brianna and Alec - well, maybe not literally, but that was one of the first things they mentioned when reflecting on their first impressions of one another! After meeting on Hinge in 2018, Brianna and Alec met up for their first date, where they both found themselves enamored with one another's laughs and earnest to learn more about their future partner sitting across from them. And now, all these years later, Brianna and Alec continue to revisit the same restaurant to recreate their first date every anniversary - such a sweet tradition that they will now share for life as future Mr. & Mrs. Pederson!


Fiance's Brianna and Alec, kissing in front of the flower beds & fountain outside of The Armour House


We love reminiscing on our client's favorite memories from their early dating days, and Brianna and Alec happen to share the same favorite memory! After a fantastic day admiring the gorgeous wildlife at Shedd Aquarium, both Brianna and Alec had worked up quite an appetite, so they headed to a nice Italian Restaurant nearby. To celebrate such a wonderful day, Brianna ordered herself a drink (and we do need to add in that she mentioned she is somewhat of a lightweight, haha!) before her meal. And as we all know, empty stomachs and alcohol don't exactly mix well, especially if you're a lightweight. So, when the waiter came over to take their order, he asked if Brianna would like a soup or salad, to which she replied "Yes," having interpreted his question as asking if she wanted a Super Salad.



And, of course, we have to tell you all about the day Alec asked Brianna to be his forever! The scene was set in New York City, Brianna's favorite city, on top of the Rockefeller Building, which also just so happens to be Brianna's favorite place in the city! After seeing Alec come out dressed in her favorite shirt of his, Brianna was already a bundle of nerves as she mentally prepared herself for something to happen - because why else would he wear her favorite shirt, right? Well, a woman's intuition is always right, because once they were on top of the Rockefeller Building, Alec pulled out the ring and asked Brianna the big question, to which she of course said "Yes!!" After the proposal, Brianna was in such a happy daze all day that when she and Alec ran into her idol, Lin Manuel Miranda, later that day, she didn't even realize who he was at the time! Getting to capture Brianna and Alec's engagement session at The Armour House at Lake Forest Academy was such a dreamy opportunity! As an avid Disney movie lover, Brianna had dreamed of having her engagement session on the stairs and grounds of The Armour House since the stairs remind her of the ones from Beauty and the Beast - and although we may be a little biased, we think Brianna and Alec make the perfect princess and prince charming! I can't wait to see these two again on their big day and share all of the magical moments with you all next September! Until we meet again, Congratulations again to Brianna and Alec for their engagement and upcoming wedding!!



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