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Stephanie & Eddie | A Breathtaking Bloomingdale Golf Club Wedding | Bloomingdale, IL

Updated: Jul 12, 2023

After they initially met in high school in 2009, Stephanie and Eddie would go off on their separate paths to begin their journey into adulthood. However, as fate (or just some really good timing) would have it, the two would rekindle in 2018 and be dating not even a year later!

When we asked Eddie about the exact moment that he knew Stephanie was the one, he recalled a memory of a fortune cookie he opened a few weeks into dating her. Not only did Eddie not usually eat fortune cookies, but the fortune inside was just too coincidental to not be true. It read, "Stop searching forever. Happiness is right next to you." And now, four years later, these two kindred souls have officially tied the knot in their promise of forever!

Bride and Groom kissing while Bride's veil blows in the wind


Since Stephanie and Eddie decided on an intimate wedding with their closest family and friends, we wanted to highlight the couple as much as we could - I mean, it was their big day after all! So, we captured some photos of the bride and groom in the process of getting ready for their first look!

And just look at that gorgeous dress which, did we mention, was custom designed by THE Dorit Kemsley?? Wait until you see more photos of this beautiful dress on an even more lovely bride later on in the blog!



After the two finished getting ready, we headed to the Bloomingdale Golf Club and met up with Eddie to capture their first look. As cliche as it may sound, it really is all about the little things, and that rings true with Stephanie and Eddie! When reflecting back on some of their favorite memories from when they first started dating, Stephanie recalled always graciously donating the foods she didn't like to Eddie just like "a momma bird to a baby bird," (that one made me laugh out loud!), and he would, just as graciously, always eat the food she disliked, even if he disliked them, too - talk about true love!

And, since it's all about the little things, Stephanie decided to surprise Eddie with a custom veil she had made just for him! Knowing that her love is an avid Buzz Lightyear fan, she had the phrase "To infinity and beyond" sewn into the bottom of her veil. Such a sweet, small detail to represent the limitless possibilities that lie ahead in their future together, and yet another act showing just how much they care for one another.



After exchanging vows that the two had written just for one another, we headed to another location at the venue to get some photos of the bride and groom before their wedding ceremony! And, of course we had to get a couple photos with their adorable niece, and flower girl, Kylie! She was just as cute as a button!



After finishing up their pre-ceremony photoshoot, it was finally time for their ceremony to begin! Kylie did a spectacular job fulfilling her role of flower girl before Stephanie and her stepdad, Mike, made their appearance and walk down the aisle.

When we asked how their proposal happened, Stephanie told us that Eddie had planned it all out, and proposed in the presence of Mike, a couple of their close family friends, and her brother, Anthony, via Facetime, in her childhood home. So, after such an intimate and special proposal, it was definitely a tear-jerking moment to see Mike hand his little girl over to Eddie where, just a short time later, both Stephanie and Eddie said, "I do!"



Once the ceremony was complete, it was time to celebrate!! After cutting into their absolutely stunning black and gold marbled cake, sharing some toasts, and good food, Stephanie and Eddie shared their first dance together as Mr. and Mrs. Victoria before dancing with their parents.

After sharing their first dance together as a married couple, Stephanie, Eddie, and their closest friends and family continued to dance the night away!



Whether it's smoking a joint, spending quality time together watching a movie, or being an unstoppable force in Spades, these two have found all they need within each other. It was such a joyous and lively wedding celebration surrounded by the ones that love Stephanie and Eddie the most, and it was an honor to be there to capture it all!

To Stephanie & Eddie, we have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know you both as individuals and as a couple, and truly hope we were able to capture every single big moment throughout your day perfectly, along with all of the even more special little moments that are easily overlooked amidst the whirlwind of a wedding day. May you live happily ever after, and, until we meet again, To Infinity and Beyond!


Mr. and Mrs. Victoria having an intimate dance out on the balcony/patio area. There are string lights in the background.


An ENORMOUS thank you to all of the fantastic vendors that worked together in making such a magical and breathtaking wedding at Bloomingdale Golf Club possible!

Ceremony & Reception: Bloomingdale Golf Club

Invitations: The Knot

Wedding Coordinators: Melissa, Karen, & Awilda with Bloomingdale Golf Club

Groom's Suit: Ted Baker

Dress Shop: Ultimate Bride Chicago

Dress Designer: Nektaria Collection w/ Dorit Kemsley

Custom Veil: Tailored Tulle

DJ: Elevated Events

Florist: Blooming Creations

Catering: Catering with Elegance

Sweets Table: Catering with Elegance

Hair Color: Color by Tiffany/Extensions by Niki with Niki Moon Salon

Up-Do: Kimberly Bieszke-Ryan

Jewelry: Henri Bendel and Jared

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Greatest wedding I’ve ever been to!


Elizabeth Crotts
Elizabeth Crotts
Jun 14, 2023

These photographs are fantastic! I am obsessed with the veil detail!! 😻 Congratulations to you both!


Such a beautiful wedding! Congratulations again to the Victoria's ! To infinity and beyond ! Gorgeous Photography


Jun 10, 2023

Thank you for capturing this perfect day with these perfect photos with my perfect husband 🥹🖤


Teri Brieske
Teri Brieske
Jun 09, 2023

Such an incredible wedding, definitely filled with memories to last a lifetime. And these pictures, I have no words! 😍

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