I couldn't be more excited to annouce our Winter Break Kids Camp! This 2 hour block each day will offer your inspired child a fun & exciting introducution into photography. Our time will be filled with playing Games, photography lessons, worksheets & other like minded kids with an interest in capturing the world around them.  


We hope to instill an amazing foundation about photography and the many way this art form can be used. It's never to early to give kids a healthy expression of self & a creative outlet with the tools to define their own style and voice through photography. 


Here's a quick overview of our weeks schedule: 


Day 01:

Lesson Page: Types of Photographers 01

Lesson Page: White Balance 01

Lesson Page: Exposure 01

Lesson Page: Gear 01

Worksheet: White Balance Word Search

Day 02:

Lesson Page: Types of Photographers 02

Lesson Page: Presets 01

Lesson Page: Exposure 02

Lesson Page: Gear 02

Worksheet: Types of Photographers Word Scramble

Day 03:

Lesson Page: Types of Photographers 03

Lesson Page: Exposure 03

Lesson Page: Gear 03

Lesson Page: Creative Composition 01

Worksheet: Gear Crossword Puzzle

Day 04:

Lesson Page: Types of Photographer 04

Lesson Page: History 01

Lesson Page: Terms 01

Lesson Page: Creative Composition 02

Worksheet: Creative Composition Word search

Day 05:

Lesson Page: Types of Photographers 05

Lesson Page: History 02

Lesson Page: Terms 02

Lesson Page: Creative Composition 03

Worksheet: Photography Terms Word Scramble


Once you have reserved your slot- we will email you the offical registration form. 

Studio Address: 

102 West Main St. 


West Dundee, IL 60118 

Winter Break Kids Camp

  • Cancellations must be submitted by March 20th for a full refund.