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Soon to be Hazzard's

Updated: Aug 13, 2019

In 2014 at Old Settlers Days, Alex and Mackenzie were with a big group of people and Alex happened to be standing next to Mackenzie in that group. They made just a little bit of small talk before Mackenzie left the concert with her friend Bryanna who she was with. When they went to leave, Bryanna looked at her and said "I am calling this now, you two are going to get married someday because your a sucker for tall guys with pretty blue eyes." Mackenzie thought she was crazy since said only a couple of words to him. Alex and her didn't see or talk to each other for a couple of weeks until he messaged her on a Wednesday in July and by Saturday he was driving 3 hours to take her out on their first date in Iowa City where she went to college.

Alex's first impression of his soon to be wife is that she was the tall, blue eyed cutie he was looking for. <3

Mackenzie says that her 1st impression was that Alex's eyes were the nicest eyes she had ever seen and she was immediately drawn to them. His personality of trying to be cool and easy going while obviously having a shy side was completely adorable.

When you know they are the ONE, you just KNOW!

While at her friend's friends wedding, Alex was the best man and she was a guest. She remember's looking at Alex standing at the altar in the church supporting his best friend, Joel, in a black tux and thinking, "I want to marry him someday." It was completely out of the blue and scared her at first, but the more she thought about it, the more Mackenzie realized she couldn't live without him.

Alex honestly had no idea when Mackenzie was the one. One day he just

woke up and wanted to go look at rings so that way he could ask her to marry him.

I asked these 2 soon to be Husband and wife what their favorite memory of dating was, and I got some seriously cute answers!

Mackenzie says her favorite memory when they first started to date was one night when they went to their first wedding as a couple. After they left, Alex surprised her and brought candles, music, and blankets so him and her could sit under the stars in the back of his truck. They just laid there looking up at the stars and was like something from a movie!

Alex says their very first date when Mackenzie was trying to show me around the

Iowa City campus and they ended up in a torrential down pour so had to sit on the landmark in Iowa City, The Old Capitol steps, for the 3 hours until it let up. They just sat

there where it was covered and talked while looking over the city

I love hearing how couple's pop the big question! Here is how Alex asked Mackenzie! On September 22, Alex and Mackenzie were joining friends for a couples weekend in

Iowa City where the Hawkeyes played the Badgers in Football. While taking

pictures with everyone in front of Kinnick Stadium, Alex got down on one

knee and asked her to marry him...She had NO IDEA this was coming and

thought he was messing with her at first as we both talked that the next step was going to be awhile. Alex made it unbelievably special as they had friends and her cousins there to celebrate with while being in the town where we first started our journey together.

I absolutely can not wait for these two to tie the knot! It is going to be an absolutely gorgeous day, I mean look at them! Like Dan and Shay sang, I feel I am gonna be speechless seeing this beautiful bride!!

Thank you for letting me be apart of your big day, I am incredibly honored to capture these stunning moments between you!

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