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Tess & Alexi | Garfield Park Conservatory | Chicago, IL

Updated: Mar 16, 2023

From the first time they saw each other on an Oklahoma State University bus, this beautiful couple was destined to be together. This is why the love they have grown and shared over the years since they first met in 2014 can be felt just by looking at their photos together!

Tess & Alexi were like rays of sunshine amidst the beautiful greenery in the Garfield Park Conservatory. Their glowing smiles and laughter filled the space throughout their session and seemed to light up the entire place! Between getting coffee in the morning and traveling to new places, these two could enjoy time together anywhere, as long as they have one another!

After finding their way to each other, Tess & Alexi continued to discover more coincidences between their pasts! For example, they had both been at the same Cubs game years before they met, had many mutual friends of friends, and were both Greeks living in Oklahoma (which isn't super common)!

Despite all of those coincidences, they never crossed paths until that fateful day in 2014! I guess their song, "Can't Help Falling in Love With You" by Elvis, is the perfect way to describe their love story! I had such a blast during our session, and I can't wait to see these two amazing people say "I do" next June!

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