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Sara & Andrew

What started as a retreat in the same Christian group at college has led to a beautiful relationship and bond between Sara and Andrew. Sara was looking forward to making more friends in her first year of college, and she recognized Andrew from their retreat when she saw him after an exam in the biology class they shared!

She was excited to talk to him and decided to go ahead and introduce herself, but her introduction didn't go quite as planned! The exam they had just completed had drained Andrew, so his response to Sara's introduction was a "blank stare." I couldn't help but laugh a little when she told me about this and was thrilled to learn they look back and laugh about their first official interaction, too!


Moving on from their initial interaction, Sara shared that she and Andrew didn't really start talking until their sophomore year, when they bonded over playing soccer with their friends and some intense Mario kart games! Sara and Andrew's friendship began to bloom as the leaves started to fall.

We asked about one of their favorite memories, and Sara told us about a time she and Andrew went swing dancing. She mentioned that Andrew is usually very uncomfortable with anything that includes dancing. Still, he noticed how important it was to her, so he stepped out of his comfort zone and busted some smooth moves on the dance floor! How sweet!


When we asked about their favorite things to do together, Sara mentioned that they love watching Schitt's Creek together, and I mean, come on, who doesn't love that show? But, she also said they love hiking, so capturing these photos among the wildflowers with an overgrown feel seemed to make their session much more special!

Sara also mentioned that for her future wedding photos, she wants their photos to encapsulate who they are as a couple and as individuals. We also wanted to utilize that beautiful golden hour glow in their session since Sara loves having the bright and beautiful sun illuminating her photos (lucky for us, because we LOVE natural light as well)! Making sure to fulfill these two wishes, we were able to practice the exact kind of photos that Sara wants on her big day, and we hope you love them just as much as we do!


Something unique about this couple is their plans leading up to the day they are to be married! Sara let us in on a little secret about the current living situation with her and Andrew! Right now, Andrew and Sara will be spending their entire engagement apart from each other. As everyone knows, distance only makes the heart grow fonder, and this will make their special day that much sweeter!

Sara and Andrew were so wonderful to work with, and we had a fun time filled with smiles and laughter! The weather was perfect; the sun was bright and warm, making their smiles glow that much brighter! I can't wait to see this fantastic couple again in July of 2023 when they reunite on their big day!

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