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Samantha & Jeffrey | Voco Chicago Downtown | Chicago, IL

Updated: Mar 16

Sammi and Jeffrey first met in a high school history class they shared, and the rest is history! (Sorry, I couldn't help myself) Sammi described the formation of their relationship as a modern love story, with Facebook friends being their starting point. Jeffrey mentioned that he noticed this cute girl had added him on Facebook, and then they started chatting! After having many conversations filled with laughter (Sammi said that Jeffrey's sense of humor has always made her smile), Jeffrey asked Sammi to their junior prom! Although they weren't technically dating on their prom night, they made things official the next day when they went to see a Cubs game together! And they've been two peas in a pod ever since!


These two often receive compliments from their friends that they have never felt like a third wheel when hanging out with Sammi and Jeffrey! Sammi told us they always want to ensure that whoever is in their presence feels included and comfortable. And, just by observing the interactions between these two and their friends and family throughout their special day, I could see it was very apparent that the bonds they have created with these people they cherish are solid and everlasting!


And, of course, we have to talk about the proposal that got Sammi and Jeffrey to where they are today! Jeffrey said he has always admired how determined and goal-oriented Sammi is, no matter what task or job she's trying to complete. He even took advantage of this favored characteristic and used it to surprise Sammi with a proposal! The day Jeffrey asked the big question, Sammi had just received a job offer, so she was a bit distracted and agreed to take their pup for a walk around Wrigley field. It was nearing Christmas, so Sammi and Jeffrey started walking down her favorite street near Wrigley to take in all the beautiful decorations! Then, as they neared the end of the street, they reached a park where Jeffrey had set up a circle of candles, and he asked her to marry him! After she said yes, Jeffrey took her to a surprise engagement party with her parents and best friend that he flew in as another surprise!! It was the perfect ending to a perfect day.

Sammi and Jeffrey have always found fun and happiness by just spending time in the comfort of each other's presence. In fact, the moment that Sammi realized that she could spend forever with Jeffrey was on one of their countless car ride jam sessions when they were younger! When I asked about their favorite way to spend a Friday night, they both mentioned that they love ordering in and watching movies together! So, I was super excited to capture pictures of these two on a couch at the venue (you'll see those photos below!) since it represented one of their favorite ways to spend time together! Sammi and Jeffrey told us they've even survived a 26-hour road trip from Chicago to Arizona TWICE with each other and their sweet pup, Murphy. I don't know about you - but road trips are no joke, especially when you have a furry friend riding along! So, I think it's safe to say that these two are in it for the long haul!

Overall, their wedding day was an absolute blast! I'm so honored to have been chosen as their photographer, and I loved getting to know them as we worked together to make their dream wedding photos a reality! I hope to keep in touch for years to come and wish Mr. and Mrs. Schmidt a happy ever after!

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