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Brittany & Steve

Early weekend mornings in Chicago are my personal favorite.... it's so peaceful and it feels like you have the whole city to yourself.. This Saturday morning was no different & despite some heavy fog, a little drizzle here and there---I spent the morning laughing, talking wedding plans & getting to know Brittany and Steve!

This adorable couple met through work and after a few years of being friends and colleagues Brittany just couldn't take it anymore and told Steve how she felt.... and then ran away.... to hear them tell between giggles and smiles was one of my. favorite parts of the morning.

I am so glad the weather didn't force us to reschedule again (last time Brittany broke her foot!) The fog adds something a little bit magical to this city engagement session that matched the undeniable spark between these two! Brittany & Steve- thanks again for a wonderful morning and I can't wait for your wedding this winter at The Brix on the Fox in Carpentersville!!

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