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Lucia & Marco

From becoming good friends in their first year of college to dating in their senior year, and finally getting engaged at their favorite winery - this couple has countless memories and a beautiful, strong bond that we wanted to bring out through their photos! A love that ages like fine wine can't be beaten; the proof is in the pudding with these two! A sense of warmth and happiness radiates off of Lucia and Marco, so getting to photograph them as the leaves changed to warm, fall colors only felt right!

So, we mentioned that these two met during their first year of college, but let's talk about how they met - because it gave us a little giggle! Lucia first met Marco while he was donning some pretty cool crutches, trying to get into his dorm room. Of course, because of the crutches, unlocking a door can be a little troublesome, so Lucia offered to help Marco. Still, he gave her a bit of a challenge by denying her offer to help, which had Lucia thinking, "Who does this guy think he is?" (the part that made us giggle). After this initial encounter in 2013, they became friends over the years and eventually made things official in 2017!



When we asked about the moment that Lucia knew Marco was "the one," she told us a very touching story about how Marco was there for her during a sad time in her life. If you've been to college, you know how much chaos missing just one class can cause, but Marco did just that to be with Lucia after her grandmother's passing. Although they were still just friends at the time, Marco knew that Lucia needed someone to lean on, and he was there to be her crutch throughout the entire service. Even though this was her family's first meeting, they told Lucia there was something special about him, and the rest is history! Being there for each other through the good times and the bad is so important in a relationship, and we know that these two have each other's backs.

Not only did we get to do Lucia & Marco's engagement session in the beautiful fall weather, but we also had their precious pup, Rooster, to celebrate the engagement of his humans! I don't know if. you can tell, but Rooster seems super excited about his forever humans taking their loving relationship to the next level by saying "I do" this coming October (and whom are we kidding? We're probably just as excited as Rooster!)

Despite their busy work schedules due to their ER Nurse and Police Officer lives - Lucia and Marco love to spend their days off with some takeout dinner while binge-watching their favorite shows! And, of course, we can't forget their shared love for Rooster - one of their other favorite pastimes is taking Rooster for walks or to the dog park to get some social interaction with his fellow dog friends! When we asked about their favorite things to do together, Marco and Lucia also mentioned their love for travel. One of their favorite destinations is Galen, Illinois - where their favorite winery is and where Marco proposed!

We can't wait to see what travels your love leads you on next and are ecstatic to capture your special day! We'll see you again this October - until then, here's to the future Mr. and Mrs. Parducci!



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