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Katherine & Andrew

Who knew that Microsoft Excel had the power to create a lifelong relationship between two kindred souls? Well, that's what sparked the flame that Andrew and Katherine now share! I'm sure most of you have heard of Bumble by now, and if you haven't, it is a dating platform for those looking for serious relationships. On these platforms, your dating profile can either make or break you, and when Katherine saw that Andrew had mentioned he had some "mad excel skills," she couldn't help but want to learn more about his wizarding ways when it came to Excel! Luckily for these two, those pivot tables led to a pivotal change in their lives as they quickly grew closer!


I can never say it enough - it's all in the details, and Katherine and Andrew had so many sweet, and meaningful details that we captured throughout their wedding! From the accessories to the decorations, including loved ones, both present and past, in Katherine's bouquet and a dedicated photo table at the wedding, we wanted to ensure that even the smallest details were shared with the bride and groom!


The first thing these two noticed about their connection was that it seemed they had known each other forever! There was an instant connection between these two soulmates with complete ease and comfort while carrying on a conversation. Laughter filled the air as Katherine and Andrew found a home within each other while also introducing each other to their families!

One of Katherine's favorite memories was the first time Andrew met her siblings at the Chicago Oktoberfest! Introducing your partner to your family for the first time can be somewhat daunting, and this first meeting was a little wild. Katherine recalled that her sister got up on stage with the performing band, grabbed a tambourine, and performed right along with them - but even this wild night didn't scare Andrew away!

Katherine also told us their proposal story, where Andrew took her to Starved Rock and proposed to her right next to the river! Even though there were thousands of clues that Katherine mentioned should have tipped her off, she was still ecstatic and in shock! After the proposal, Andrew and Katherine returned home, where they found both of their families waiting for them to celebrate their engagement! Once we heard about the first rowdy night that Andrew met Katherine's siblings and then how these two families came together in celebration right after their engagement, we wanted to capture as many photos with the bridal party and family as possible to show how they've grown together as time has passed!


And, of course, we can't forget all of the intimate moments that Katherine and Andrew shared throughout their day! One of the most critical factors in their search for a photographer was finding a "natural photographer" who could make even the posed photos look candid - and I'm so glad we could live up to those expectations! This day we shared with Katherine, Andrew, and their marvelous family and friends, was definitely one for the books!

🥂 Until we speak again, here's to Mr. and Mrs. Murray! 🥂

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