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Jessie & Mike

Updated: Mar 6, 2019

In January 2013, when Mike transferred to ISU, I am sure he didn't expect to meet his future wife, But he did just that, they met on a night while Jessie was playing Super Smash Bros on Nintendo with some friends. When Mike walked in, her stomach dropped, and right then she knew she was in trouble!

Jessie's first impression of Mike was that he was extremely handsome and funny, and she remembers her heart sinking when he first walked through the door. Love at first sight! Now Mike's first impression of his soon to be wife was that Jessie was friends with everyone, but he knew from the first time they hung out that he wanted more. The total package: smart, out going and beautiful!

Knowing the "MOMENT"

Jessie was never one to believe in love at first sight, but that night Mike walked in the door she knew that minute he was the one. She said it was the best feeling in the world.

Mike says one night at ISU they stayed up all night talking about their lives, families, morals, and goals for the future. They both ended the night saying we could see this relationship going all the way and 5 years later he gets to marry her!!!!

I love LOVE, and when I asked these two lovebirds about what they love about each other, the answers were sweet, simple, and full of LOVE!

Jessie - One thing I love about Mike is that he is so selfless. He will give up any plans or his own happiness to go above and beyond for others. Another thing I love about Mike is that he is such a caring brother. He absolutely looks up to his sisters and would do anything for them. Finally, I love that Mike can (sometimes) be funny. Although I always give him a hard time saying that his jokes aren't funny, I have to admit that OCCASIONALLY he can crack a good joke ;)

Mike - #1. Jessie is the most caring person i have ever met. She will do everything and anything for anyone and it's my favorite quality in her. #2 Her Looks! Jessie is stunning and I'm definitely marrying up as they say. I'm lucky to call her my Fiance´ and can't wait to call her my wife. #3 The way she makes me feel. We could be doing nothing or in the most stressful environment, as long as I have her by my side I know everything will be OK.


Jessie and Mike went to Cancun, Mexico with another couple in March 2018. Before they left, Mike asked Jessie to sign for a "package" while he was at work that he NEEDED for the trip. Long story short, the second Jessie left the lobby to go upstairs, the package delivered and she missed it. Luckily, Mike was able to pick it up later in the evening and bring IT with on the trip. Throughout the days in Cancun, they swam with dolphins, para-sailed, relaxed on the beach, and took advantage of the all-inclusiveness of the resort. On Saturday, Mike explained that they had dinner plans at 8:00pm that evening. After relaxing all day, they both started getting ready, needing to leave by 7:00pm sharp. They left the hotel room and went to a local bar in the resort, ordered some champagne, and reminisced about their journey so far over the past 5 years. Before heading to dinner, Jessie, however, needed to run back to the room because she was paranoid that she left her straightener plugged in/turned on. They both went back to the room, opened the door, and the room was transformed into a gorgeous setup. With candles lit and rose petals everywhere, Jessie was led to a table with champagne, candles, a private waiter, and a 4-course meal. Throughout the night, they enjoyed listening to Backstreet Boys and being treated like royalty. After the main course, Mike stood up and walked over to Jessie, got down on one knee, and (of course) Jessie said YES. They both started balling our eyes out (I'm sure Mike won't admit it, though) and called their family/friends.

Music can bring so many feelings and memories, so when I asked Mike & Jessie what song were some favorites, they gave me 5 great songs!

1. Perfect - Ed Sheeran 2. You Mean The World To Me - Tchami 3. The One - Backstreet Boys 4. Never Gonna Let You Down - Colbie Caillat 5. All of Me - John Legend.

Traveling is something I love to do, so I wanted to know where these guys have visited over the last few years. They have gone to some fun places, and made lifetime memories along the way. 1. St. Louis, Missouri 2. Punta Cana, Dominican Republic 3. Cancun, Mexico

4. Nashville, Tennessee 5. Atlanta, Georgia .

I simply can not wait for Mike and Jessie's wedding day! If it's anything like the day we did engagement pictures, it will be a day full of smiles, laughter, memories, and so much LOVE!

Thank you for trusting me in capturing your special day, I am so unbelievably honored!

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Awesome blog post for an awesome couple! ♥️ Can’t wait for the big day!

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