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Jenna & DJ

The atmosphere in 933 Speakeasy perfectly captured the essence of Jenna & DJ's relationship. The dark red walls and decor throughout this space lent a helping hand to the passion and warmth that radiates through these photos! This location also took us back in time a bit, reminding us of when Jenna & DJ first met!

One night in October of 2017, Jenna had to ride in an ambulance to complete her certification as an Emergency Room nurse. However, this ambulance ride ended up helping Jenna achieve her certification and her future love life as well! DJ & Jenna met at the fire station and decided to go out for drinks that same night, and the rest is history! I don't know about you, but hearing that they went out to get drinks on their first date made their photos at the Speakeasy seem even more special!

We were also able to capture some beautiful images in an outdoor location, which just so happens to be one of Jenna & DJ's favorite places to be! When we asked about their favorite ways to spend time together, they told us their perfect evening would be sitting on their back patio, drinking cocktails, and playing with their dogs! Nothing beats enjoying the comfort that the presence of your soulmate can bring!

We had such a fantastic time capturing all of these moments, both posed and candid, and I can't wait to capture even more amazing memories during their wedding next May!

A special thanks to the town of Lockport, IL & to 933 Speakeasy

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