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Colin & Morgan

When two middle school's decided to combine, a love story started at the same time.

Back in 2008, Colin and Morgan's school's became one. While Colin flirted with all the girls in the 8th grade, he knew that Morgan was the one for him all along. Morgan hoped that the 1st time Colin saw her hair was blowing in the wind and fireworks were going off, but as we all encountered in the 8th grade, it was just an awkward "HI" and same red faces to follow. Half way through the school year, the two became friends while watching Myth-busters in Mr. Olson's class.

Colin's first impression of his soon to be wife- " I thought she was just a weirdo from a different class" But the more classes they shared, his feeling for her grew, Knowing she was the one for him. " She is cute, bubbly, smart, and just overall a fun person to be around" Colin hasn't looked back since that day he asked her out by the creek. She is the love of his life and he can't imagine spending his life with anyone else. When asked, Morgan say's that Colin's crooked smile and cuteness won her over. To this day Morgan absolutely loves Colin's red hair.

Morgan knew that Colin was the one, not by any certain moment in time, but how he makes her feel every time she saw him. The butterflies from day one, and the one's she still gets while looking at her soon to be husband. Even when he hit snooze 5 times and would be walking the halls in school, she would catch a glimpse of him and she just knew. Colin says that back in high school, when the Freshman basketball team wasn't the greatest, Morgan would still come to every home game and cheer him on, no matter the score or outcome of the game. He say's she always did small things to make him know she was the one, and she still does. He couldn't love anyone more than he loves Morgan. During the beginning of their relationship during a trip to Texas, Colin said spending those 2 weeks straight with her and seeing how strong she is and what she went through makes him proud to be marrying such a strong and beautiful woman. Morgan say's that on a trip to Chicago to see a White Sox game, they got lost and walked around Chicago for 2 hours, if they had another woman with them you can be sure they would have asked for directions, but the guy's and Morgan have memories to last a lifetime from Navy Pier to Chinatown, they sure had a great day.

Onto the Big Question!

Colin had originally planned to take Morgan to a nice restaurant in Chicago with some close friends, but instead the perfect idea came to mind. Colin took Morgan back to his hometown to a park where they shared their first kiss. It was the perfect setting to pop the question, especially because Morgan had no idea! After they got to the park and Colin popped the question, he told Morgan to turn around and look at the tree, out came her best friend who captured the perfect moment on camera! Though Colin expected tears, happy one's of course, Morgan was so blown away and shocked because after 9 years Colin had finally asked! Colin didn't get a ring from a gumball machine either, like he always joked he would!

When you ask this beautiful couple what they love the most about each other the answers are nothing short of love. Morgan says she loves Colin's crooked smile so much it melts her heart, He is always ready to be her shoulder to cry on no matter what, and he laughs at her jokes no matter if they are funnier in her head or not.

Colin says that he loves how beautiful she is, even when she isn't trying she is beautiful, Morgan would sacrifice anything for someone in need, and he just loves her crazy and weird side, a side not may people get to see. These two love going dancing, whenever they have the chance they go to Saddle Up Saloon to get their dance on. Also, every year for Colin's birthday they take a trip to Chicago for a White Sox game. Going to the movies is also on these guy's fun to do list, and they go anytime they can, even if Colin doesn't want to see it, off to the movies they go! They have traveled together to, from Lake Geneva Wisconsin to Corpus Christi Texas, they sure know how to make memories anywhere they go.

These 2 are so unique, they length of time they have been together, makes us know their love is so pure and real. They fall in love more and more each day, and we can't wait to photograph this beautiful couple in just a few short months! Congratulations Morgan and Colin!

Morgan & Colin- we are SO happy for you & can not wait for your wedding!!

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Beautiful pics!


From Facebook Mackenzie Haight: "Such a sweet story!! Love the Pictures too! Congrats Morgan!!"


Great pictures!


Absolutely beautiful! Congratulations Morgan and Colin!


From Facebook: Sue Alfredson Lee Just Beautiful !!!!!

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