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Rachel & Matthew

Back in 2012, in South Carolina at Coastal Carolina University, Rachel and Matt met for the 1st time at a backyard get together with some former grad students. Rachel had heard about Matt from her room mate, she said that Rachel would "Absolutely love" Matt.

That room mate knew something that Rachel didn't even know. Rachel's first impression of her soon to be husband is that he was cute and friendly, but when they first met, she was to shy to say anything and she only introduced herself. Matt's first impression of Rachel was that she was fun, outgoing, and he was really impressed that she won the game Stump.

Memories are one of greatest gift's we could have, and these two beautiful people have made many of them over the years. When I asked them what their favorite memory together has been (so far) they had the same answer! When they would spend weekend in Myrtle Beach, they would spend the day on the beach and then go to Broadway Louie's for pizza and arcade games. Rachel also said that one date night early on in the relationship, they went camping at Huntington State Park in South Carolina. They were able to enjoy the beach the whole day which was a short walk from the campsite, while they were also enjoying the fire that night, they had a mild interruption from a family of Raccoons!

Knowing they are the one. Having a special moment in time that sparks something in your soul giving you that feeling of knowing you can't spend your life without someone is an amazing feeling, and Rachel and Matt knew exactly when those moments were. For Rachel it was on a day that no one wants to have. A few months into dating she had gotten into a fender bender that ended up totaling her car, Matt came right over and helped to make her feel better. She knew at that moment that she couldn't imagine losing someone like that.

Matt's moment came to him while he was traveling for work. He was at the City Beer Hall in Albany, NY. While he was enjoying some drinks with his coworkers, he couldn't help but feel like a part of him was missing. That part was Rachel, and from that moment on, he knew he would spend his life with her.

Popping the BIG question! Matt and Rachel had just spent a weekend hiking and soaking up the sun at the beach. After pouring themselves a glass of wine, and enjoying the air cooling down after the summers heat, in that moment Matt knew it there was no better time to ask.

He got down on his knee and and saw her eyes light up and she started shouting, "what, wait, No no no, Oh my god, Oh my god" All before he could get any words out. After that, many tears, and lots of joy!

Football happens to be Rachel and Matt's favorite sport to watch, Thanksgiving is their favorite holiday because, well football and food!! Being a house divided with A Bears fan and a Packers fan probably makes for 17 weeks of fun, laughs, and maybe even a little smack talk.

These two are quite unique as a couple, being that their extended families are from Chicago, but they met thousands of miles away at Graduate School in Myrtle Beach. When looking for Friday night plans you can find Matt & Rachel either at happy hour with friends, then home to wind down with some Netflix or if its possible Camping! These two have gone many places together. The places that are special to them include North Carolina, Wisconsin, Oregon, Mexico, and the Great Smokey Mountains where Rachel impressed Matt when she got to the top and back down without trouble. Matt surprised Rachel when he fixed a flat tire so they weren't stranded in the park!

I am so incredibly honored, and excited to capture Matt & Rachel's wedding day in just a few months! Thank you both for being so fun. Congratulations again!

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