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Ashley & Conrad!

Updated: Nov 6, 2019

It all began in early 2014 when Ashley had just gotten a promotion at work. Conrad was working his way up, when they attended a management class together. They had become close friends while working together, Ashley knew there was more to them than just being friends, but it took Conrad just a tad longer to figure it out. With the help of their friend Neil, he told Conrad that Ashley was in fact head over heels for him. The rest, well the rest is history!

We love first impressions, and when we asked Ashley and Conrad about theirs, we loved the answers!!

Conrad says that Ashley is and was funny and cute, and when she tells a joke she scrunches her face, and he just loves it!!

Ashley said that Conrad was such a hard worker and extremely polite! She says he had shaggy hair and she was a little weary of his Florida boy look!

We love hearing about what our JHyde couples do for fun! Ashley and Conrad have lots of things they love doing. Some of which include going to the movies, cooking/baking together, road trips (who doesn't love those) and most recently taking their sweet little guy Henry to the zoo! Wait till you see this cutie!

Being in love is an amazing feeling, as you can see these from these two, they make it look easy! When we asked them how they knew they had found "the one", again their answers made us smile, and giggle!

Ashley said they were on their way home from a road trip when she had spilled Dr Pepper all over his lap! Conrad had stopped the car and stripped down to just his boxers on the side of the road! They were on the side of the road laughing hysterically, no harm, no foul right!

Conrad said that the moment he figured out they could do anything together, like play Mario Cart for hours, he knew that feeling she gave his was what he wanted for the rest of his life!

When it comes to popping the big question, it can be a very nerve wracking time! Conrad had planned the perfect proposal, here is how he pulled it off.

After an afternoon spent with Ashley's horses at her Mother's house, Conrad had taken her hand walked her to the middle of the field, got down on one knee and well she said YES!!!

Ashley said she knew it was something they both wanted, but didn't expect it to be that day! She was so thrilled that not only her Mom and friend Heather were there to be apart of it, but also their cute little guy Henry!

Congratulations to Ashley and Conrad! We can not wait until your big day next month! We are so honored to be apart of it!! We wish you a lifetime full of love, road trips, and maybe even more spilled Dr Pepper!

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