I couldn't be more excited to announce our first Spring Break Kids Camp! This 2 hour block each day will offer your inspired child a fun & exciting introducution into photography. Our time will be filled with playing games, photography lessons, worksheets & other like minded kids with an interest in capturing the world around them.  

We hope to instill an amazing foundation about photography and the many way this art form can be used. It's never too early to give kids a healthy expression of self & a creative outlet with the tools to define their own style and voice through photography. 

Lesson sheets.png

Each Camper will receive their very own workbook with tons of information & activities for them to keep. 

Some of the topics we'll focus on are: 

Getting to know the camera 

History of Photography

Photography terms

Types of photographers

Creative Composition



We'll also spend time getting playing games & doing activities to keep learning fun & interesting!




This is awesome!

March 23rd-March 27th


$125 per camper

What other's are saying: 


>>>>Merrilee, mom of an 11year old, said- "This is such a good idea! All of Lillian's friends will love it!"


"Such a great idea! The world around is changing so rapidly, with everything being so digitally driven. I love the idea of giving my student a skill set that they can use, not only for fun, but for the opportunities it will bring in the future! The ability to capture their perspective and share it, is such a powerful form of expression!" Said Laura, mom of 3! <<<<<

>>>>>Ryan, dad of a 12 year old, said "This is great! My teen spends so much time inside, staring at a screen, I love the opportunity to get him out and actually experiencing and then learning to capture, all of the amazing things in the world." 

>>>>>"I was so excited to hear about JHyde providing a kids photography class! I think a photography summer camp is such a great idea for kids! It will get them off the tablet and video games and allow them a real hands on experience that will last for a life time of beautiful memories!" said, Lauren, mom of 2 <<<<<


Not only is this a great time to get your children involved in an art form that is so popular and becoming more and more an important part of our society and form of communication- but you can drop them off, run some errands or quietly sip a cup of coffee at Craft down the street while they have fun! WIN WIN I say! 

Space is limited

>>only 10 spots<< 



Happy Kids Huddle

Our Spring Photography Camp will take place at our WEST DUNDEE LOCATION

102 W Main Street

2nd Floor

West Dundee, Il 60118 

( Right above Trippots )