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"the most moving
 pictures to me are ones
that capture a 
glimpse of an emotion that we truly cannot explain...."

Jennifer Hyde 

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What makes your pictures perfect?
 They perfectly 
capture you!

Getting to truly know
you & your fiancé is what sets us apart & is why we can capture the moments that truly capture you & your love story! 


Behind the Lens


Is just a girl who sees things a little differently. Photography has been one of the
greatest blessings of my life & has carried me through some of the greatest &
hardest times of my life.


As it helped me grow, to communicate & to love it also taught me to see past the things that were staring me right in the face and develop a gift for being able to see the emotion in a moment… to capture how it makes me feel rather than just what I see. 


After almost a decade of studying & capturing love as it moves through our lives, From the moment she say’s yes, to the wholehearted “I Do’s” to when their love becomes more than just the two of them…and how it continues to grow over the years- I can not express how blessed & honored I feel every time someone trusts us with their most precious memories.

Techy Stuff: 


Techy stuff: Canon all the way- I think like a Cubs or Soxs fan- you're born into one or the other, My Aunt bought me my first camera- an AE-1 35 mm (yup! a film camera!) for one of my teenage birthdays- & I've never looked back. But I have upgraded a time or two. Now I proudly photograph with a Mark 5D IV and my all time fav lenses are a 20-70mm-2.8, 50mm-1.2, 70-200- 2.8 & an 85mm- 1.4.


Lead Photographer

Lead Associate 






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Because we know It all started with a Kiss. 

The thing is, we know that the love that moves through our lives, is something that we really can’t explain. I believe we can’t even fully wrap our heads around it most times. Have you ever tried? To define, explain, quantify what the person means to you, and in all the different ways they fill your heart and mind throughout the day? I know I can’t! Every time I think I get close, I have to start all over again because the next day it doubles, or triples, or took on a new role in my life. It escapes me every time! 

Because love, isn’t something we can truly explain, it is only something we can feel, it overcomes us. We know we love something when we FEEL it.


When you trust your love with us, our goal is to capture beautiful, timeless pictures that you can feel. Feel the laugh, feel the smile, feel the love. 


We realize that while your wedding pictures are for you to relive that day over and over again in the present, we also want your children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, and generations beyond to feel the love of your wedding day. To cherish and to feel the love, your love, that stated it all.

Hear what others are saying

Jennifer shot our wedding in May of this years and was the most amazing photographer I’ve ever worked with EVER. She was helpful and attentive and was super fun and sweet the entire day even though it was like 95 + degrees all day. And the pictures she’s took, are so beyond perfect I can’t stop staring at them and THEY’RE JUST FROM THE SNEAK PEAK. She’s amazingly reasonable with her prices and made herself available to us whenever we had questions or anything.
She’s probably my new best friend lol. I would give her 1000 stars if I could!!


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Let's grab a coffee! 

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Every love story is beautiful & we want to hear all about yours! 

We believe that the best way to help you tell your story- is to
know it- to know you! So that's exactly what we want to do!
One Iced Vanilla Chia Latte at a time.


We cannot wait to plan your complementary engagement session with you! 

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